STDs can infect anyone --- young people, adults, males, females, including pregnant women. For that reason, it is important that expecting mothers know how to deal with these infections so as to protect their babies.

What STDs can infect pregnant women?

There are several types of sexually-transmitted diseases that can put pregnant women and their babies at risk. Here they are:

HIV - if a woman contracts this before or during pregnancy, the virus can be transmitted to the baby if treatment is not administered right away. So, it is important to get tested for HIV early on so as to prevent passing the infection on to the infant.

Gonorrhea - this STD is caused by bacteria and can be easily treated with antibiotics. But, if not cured right away, it can put the pregnant women at risk of miscarriage or preterm delivery. It can also endanger the baby and result in blindness, blood infection, and joint infection.

Chlamydia - this is also a bacterial STD that can be cured with antibiotics. However, if not treated immediately, it can result in pneumonia or severe eye infections on the baby. It can also increase the woman's risk of preterm delivery or miscarriage.

So, if you are pregnant, do not forget to undergo an STD test to make sure that you are clear. This can also protect your child against the complications that these infections can bring.

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