Gonorrhea is a sexually-transmitted disease caused by bacteria. It is one of the top STDs today because of the large number of people it has afflicted. It can bring about various signs and symptoms that can harm the body, so it is advised that people get tested for gonorrhea at the earliest opportunity to receive the proper treatment right away.


People who have tested positive for gonorrhea are usually given injectible or oral antibiotics by doctors. You will be told to take a particular dosage every day for the next 7 or more days to completely get rid of the infection. You have to remember to follow the schedule so that the treatment will be successful.

Complications caused by Chlamydia

Doctors advise to also get your partner tested for gonorrhea if you have been diagnosed with it. This prevents the further spread of the infection and also protects your partner from the serious symptoms and complications gonorrhea can bring.
Those who fail to get diagnosed and treated early on are at risk of suffering from the following complications:

Women - pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), damaged uterus/fallopian tubes/ovaries, ectopic pregnancy

Men - epididymitis, scars inside the urethra, infertility

Testing for gonorrhea is very important and it should be done as soon as possible. Use a rapid gonorrhea screen test kit with STD Rapid Test Kits for a safe, fast, and accurate gonorrhea testing.