Syphilis is one of the most widespread sexually transmitted diseases today. It can infect men, women, young, and old. It has the ability to cause so much pain and distress once it is contracted by a person. So, it is important to get tested for syphilis at the earliest opportunity.

Testing for Syphilis

There are a number of ways to test for syphilis, but using rapid syphilis test kits is probably the easiest and most convenient of them all. This device is designed to detect the syphilis antibodies in a person's blood sample. You can use it at home or anywhere you want to conduct the test because it is small and easy to carry around.

Are test kits accurate?

Also, since rapid syphilis test kits have been tested and certified by various health laboratories around the world, they can provide 99% accurate test results. Moreover, these highly accurate test results can be had in just 15 minutes. Isn't that amazing?

People are encouraged to get tested for syphilis, most especially those that have an active sex life. They should be wary of these bacteria and viruses that carry around STDs that can inflict harm and injury to the reproductive system and other parts of the body.

If syphilis is tested and diagnosed early on, the patient can receive the right kind of treatment to get rid of all the symptoms and complications that have manifested. So, do not wait any longer or delay testing for syphilis to avoid these troubles.