So many cases of sexually transmitted diseases or STDs are not diagnosed right away because they do not trigger any kind of sign or symptom at all. As a result of that, there are a lot of STD cases that remain untreated.

People should find time to educate themselves on the most common STD sign and symptoms so that they can find solutions for their conditions right away. Usually, STD symptoms manifest between one and three weeks after first exposure to the infections, so it is better that you are ready by gathering as much info as you can about these diseases.


Here are examples of the most common STD symptoms and warning signs that you should constantly watch out for:

Strange or odd discharge from the penis, vagina, or anus


Pain when having sex


Pain when urinating

Itching or irritation in the penis, vagina, or rectum

Pain in the abdominal region



Skin lesions



Remember these symptoms as to know if it is time to get an STD test. The sooner you undergo STD testing, the sooner you can also get and receive treatment for these infections.