Medical experts and industry experts conduct a lot of research, medical tests, and analysis to eventually discover a cure for AIDS. For several years now, more and more people’s lives were taken away by the disease because of the costs of acquiring the treatment plan. 

 AIDS is a widespread disease

AIDS is rampant in lots of countries globally. It is due to the Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV. It troubles the person’s immune system, causing him or her powerless to withstand other types of disease. As a result of that, he or she becomes very weak and ill until the body can no longer survive and function. 

In The States, AIDS is number five in the ranking of top fatal medical conditions in human beings that are between twenty-five years old and forty-four years old. It has affected more than fifty million individuals worldwide, and authorities predict that the multitude will consistently climb unless something is done to avert and terminate the spread.

 How can you get infected with AIDS?

AIDS, which is short for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, is transferred in several ways. A pregnant girl who has the ailment can pass it on to her baby while pregnant by the food minerals and blood used between them. A person who engages in sexual interactions without making use of protection is also far more vulnerable to being infected with it. Folks that engage in various unsafe sexual practices, without any information about the sexual history of these people, are also in peril. Fluid transmission just like blood transfusion, semen, breast milk, and vaginal fluid can also bring AIDS. Because of all these, AIDS is regarded as a pandemic. Annually, around four million people are reported to have been struggling with AIDS.

 Warning signs that show you have AIDS

The most usual warning signs of AIDS are fever, swollen glands, influenza, and profuse sweating. The patient could experience losing weight, exhaustion, and chills. These symptoms are not seen at the start, and that is why many people have no clue that they have the sickness until the indicators become far more critical.

There is simply no medication and therapy that has successfully wiped out AIDS or HIV totally. Today’s remedies can only reduce the speed of the spread of disease. The antiretroviral treatment strategy functions by inhibiting the approach of newly-acquired infections and extend even a bit the life of the sufferer. All medicinal drugs and drug treatment for AIDS can be purchased in many areas, but they can be expensive.