Hepatitis Types

Some of the main and severe types of hepatitis that you can be infected with, and which are most common, are hepatitis B and hepatitis C. The danger of these infections lies in attacking your liver, whose functions can collapse and cause problems to your health system. Some of the symptoms of liver failure and liver infections are severe swelling of the organ that becomes irritated by the disease. Nevertheless, there are certain prevention techniques like using vaccines, that can help you get back on track regarding your health.


Depending on your age, there are different ways to prevent getting infected with any type of hepatitis, whether it be hepatitis B or C. It is safer to give medication to your children at a very young age in order to prevent them from getting infected with hepatitis C or B, as this constant application of medicine builds their immunity right from the beginning of their lives. For example, if you just gave birth to a child, it is recommended that he/she gets the medicine within the first few months after their birth. If your baby is already infected at birth through your system, then they should get a specific and a bit different medicine for hepatitis, either B or C, at least ten to twelve hours after birth, while children under the age of eighteen who did not get the medicine in the first few months after their birth, they should get the medicine in a carefully administered dosages over a period of time. When it comes to adults, if there is a risk of them getting infected with hepatitis B, for example, they should get the medication if they have a partner or a family member who is already infected with hepatitis B, if they are working in health care, if they are already infected with some other sexually transmitted disease like HIV, or if these adults have multiple sexual partners. All of these cases pose a high risk of getting infected with hepatitis B. We give examples of medication for hepatitis B only because there is no medication for hepatitis C. If your body gets infected with the C type, your body then stays infected.

Living With Hepatitis B Or C

A person can get infected with either of these two types of hepatitis through the exchange of numerous fluids that our body produces. This virus cannot enter someone’s body and health system through normal, everyday contact, like handshaking, for example. If you would like to avoid the contact with the fluids that a body produces, you should bear in mind that, to prevent this, you should never lend or borrow personal items that you are using in your everyday hygiene, like a toothbrush, which would be the most common one. Also, if you are a drug user, have your own injections and needles and do not share them with anyone, and be careful if you have to clean blood stains from various surfaces. It is best to use a really strong chemical based solution, like bleach.