The federal government of Australia recently announced that they will soon lift the ban on manufacture and sale of HIV self-test kits, thus allowing the public to conduct HIV testing on their own.

With the unveiling of Australian government's plan to battle HIV, and other sexually-transmitted infections starting this year until 2017, it aims to cut down HIV transmission cases by half by next year. The plan is focused on completely eliminating this deadly virus by 2020.

Good news for the manufacturers

Manufacturing companies of HIV rapid test kits and self-test kits can now send their applications to the Therapeutic Goods Administration to secure approval to distribute, supply, and sell their HIV test kits.

This move will hopefully generate positive events in the coming months.

Why the government is lifting the ban

Just last year, approximately 1,200 new cases of HIV were reported in Australia, and the majority of them were among gay men.

Because of this, the government is finding ways to solve this rampant HIV transmission in men who engage in sexual activities with other men.

HIV is caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus and is frequently transmitted via sex. If you want to prevent this infection, always use protection when having sex and make better decisions when it comes to sex.

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