Australia has reached the highest recorded number of syphilis cases ever. According to health experts, the total number of people with syphilis has increased by 34% since 2009. Last year, the region diagnosed 1,765 people with syphilis, with the majority of them among gay men.

Some complications related to Syphilis

Syphilis is caused by a bacterium that is contracted and spread through unprotected anal, oral, and vaginal sex. It triggers different symptoms and signs. It has to be tested and treated right away to avoid suffering from serious complications such as dementia, blindness, numbness, poor muscle coordination, and paralysis. It can also harm the important bodily organs and result in death.

Protection from infection

Health officials in Australia attribute the increase in syphilis cases to the increase of unprotected sex occurrences. Even though it has been said over and over again that using protection during sex is very important in the prevention of STDs, a lot of people still fail to obey this simple rule.

People who undergo syphilis testing and test positive are prescribed antibiotics to fight off the infection. The earlier this is done, the easier it is to get rid of the disease.

So, remember to always use protection when having sex and undergo syphilis testing on a regular basis to avoid all the serious illnesses and complications that syphilis can bring about.