From the past many centuries many diseases have been transmitted sexually from one person to another. The diseases have been a constant problem most of the time but some of them have been more and more active for certain periods of time in the history. If you do actually face a problem but do not see the symptoms of it in the other sections then you might find them here. 


So this is a disease that is very similar to the herpes blister and it somehow only occurs in outbreaks as it is caused by some sort of microbe which is declining rapidly worldwide. Till now there is no cure found that effects the person positively so the person who suffers through it somehow get treated by what herpes or syphilis patients are treated with, as it is very similar and even has some same sort of side effects and symptoms so that is the real reason why. 

The blisters do appear on your body and the fluid comes out but in this case, the blisters are sort of hard and very much painful plus STD’s can also take hold as they leaving openings in your body which makes it even more easier.

Its treatment is most of the time successful, mainly it is by antimicrobial. But if the blister is not treated for a very long time and it changes into an infection than you can pass it very easily to your partner. One thing more can happen that whatever the microbe has attacked you it can also become resistant to whatever the treatment you are having so to avoid such things you should get re-tested after a week of medication is done.

 Lymphogranuloma Venereum (LGV)

 This disease has a huge influence on your immune system just because it directly sneaks into your lymph nodes and attack. If you are suffering from such a disease your lymph nodes will become tender and will swell rapidly plus it is showing on both sides of the body.

if you get highly infected than first you will suffer from constipation and then you would be able to feel some blisters around your anus and gentiles. Your treatment will only begin unless and until you rule out syphilis. The treatment will for sure start some series of antibiotics. If you have large blisters and don’t want any other disease to infect you than you must get your blisters drained

Mycoplasma genitalium.

 This disease was founded in the late nineteenth century and it was stated that this disease leads to penis irritation in men, of course. So this bacterium is mostly seen with the trich but it is less common but still is a problem for many men. This disease does not spread at a high speed, it takes more than six months to grow. If it is founded in a woman's vagina or cervix she may be infected by the pelvic inflammatory disease. Plus the bad thing is that till now, 2 centuries have passed away but still there is no cure for it.


This is a type of lice which is found in eyebrows, mustache, beard, armpit hair and most disgustingly also in the anal hair. Their appearance is similar to those of the crabs. Plus the good thing is that there is treatment available for this.


 These are a type of mites that burrow under your skin just to lay eggs and live, no other reason. This disease is also spread by skin to skin. Its most common symptoms are itching and rashes.