The most powerful procedure for testing for HIV is the HIV antibody test. People who are regarded as affected by HIV are recommended to pass through this sort of test so that their HIV status can be appropriately established.

When should a person get tested for HIV? 

Health authorities suggest that people should take an HIV test around 3 months after the first contact with the virus. This window time period enables the immune system to issue adequate HIV antibodies that can be identified through the test. If someone gets tested far sooner, there is a potential that the test will not sense the antibodies just yet. As a result, for more effective and precise results, adhere to what the doctors advise.

Why test for HIV using Immunoassay testing? 

Any time someone becomes afflicted with the HIV, the immune system launches antibodies to the bloodstream that will attack the virus. As a result, right after someone undergoes Immunoassay tests, the antibodies will be identified if there is sufficient amount of them in the blood sample.

In scenarios of babies with HIV positive moms, their blood could feature these HIV antibodies, when, in reality, they are not necessarily afflicted with HIV. The explanation for this is that newborns sustain their mothers’ antibodies for about a year and a half. The infants are advised to get HIV tested once more after that time period to verify and establish that they are certainly not afflicted with HIV.

Where is it possible to get an Immunoassay test? 

The perfect spot to get an Immunoassay test is at a clinic or an STD testing facility. These types of areas are built with the correct equipment to accomplish the task, so you are ensured dependable results. You must Google the closest facility in your place so that you can get tested without delay.

Immunoassay tests tend to be pricier as compared with other ways of HIV testing. Because of this, many people choose to utilize other HIV testing strategies including HIV rapid testing. The latter is a bit more reasonably priced and can give the results in a shorter time period. But, although HIV rapid tests give a lot of benefits, health professionals still suggest that patients undergo an Immunoassay test, particularly if they have been tested positive with the use of an HIV rapid test kit.

HIV is certainly a prevalent disorder that all of us needs to be mindful of. It can infect any person and all people. You have to be responsible whenever you participate in any specific sexual activity in order to protect yourself from this extremely horrible disease.