What is HIV?

The Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV< is a sexually-transmitted disease that attacks a person’s immune system. Once it enters a person’s body, that person’s immune system will no longer be able to function as efficiently as before. He or she will have a hard time fighting off all the other viruses and bacteria that enter the body, so he or she will end up being sicker and weaker.

HIV has an incubation period. This means that once it finds its way inside a person’s body, he or she will not know that he or she has acquired the virus for a particular period of time. HIV will take a few weeks or days silently causing trouble inside the body, without any visible symptoms. Because of this, a person will only know that it is time to get tested for HIV when the physical symptoms start to happen.

Symptoms of HIV

Some of the more common HIV symptoms are colds, flu, mono, yeast infections, genital warts, genital ulcers, and herpes. Many people do not take these symptoms seriously because they will often think these symptoms are nothing to be worried about. As a result, many HIV cases are left undiagnosed and untreated.

HIV Testing

The most common way of testing for HIV is by testing a person’s blood. When you go to an STD clinic to get an HIV test, you will be required to give a blood sample so that the laboratory can examine it and look for evidence of HIV antibodies. The same procedure is also done when you get tested for HIV using swab samples.

An alternative to getting an HIV test at STD clinics is by using HIV self-test kits or home HIV testing kits. These products can be bought from medical establishments or from online shops. They are easy to use and are supposed to be a more convenient way of testing for HIV.

If you want to buy a home HIV test kit, make sure that the one that you are purchasing is approved by the FDA. There are many of them that do not have the FDA’s seal of approval, so be warned.

HIV home test kits offer many benefits to its users. First, it allows people to perform the HIV test in private or in the comfort of their own homes. Second, it is not as expensive as the other HIV tests conducted in clinics and hospitals. Third, it can give the results back much faster, anytime between half an hour and a couple of days. They have become so popular because of all these advantages they offer people.