In the USA, AIDS is the fifth top cause of death among men and women in the 25-44 years old age bracket. On earth, over fifty million people are afflicted with it and HIV. The two medical diseases assault a person’s immune system and so making the human body not able to fend off life-threatening infections.

Through the years, increasing numbers of people in Asian countries, the African continent, and Latin America are becoming AIDS and HIV sufferers. For that reason, the United Nations World Food Program has stretched out its hands to connect with these people who require help by donating food items, prescription medications, and other essentials to aid these folks.

HIV infection

Those who are afflicted with AIDS generally start off by being infected with HIV. The Human Immunodeficiency Virus can be passed on from one individual to another by way of sexual intercourse, sharing of infected needles or blood, and during the child delivery, fetus growth, or breastfeeding of an infected expectant mother.

When a person contracts HIV, he or she will normally not manifest any noticeable signs and symptoms. HIV has an incubation that could persist for many weeks to months. For that reason, a great deal of HIV-positive people forgets to get tested for HIV since there is no warning that they need to.

Signs and symptoms of HIV

Once the incubation period has ended, the patient will begin demonstrating signs or symptoms of fever, shivers, exhaustion, weight reduction, and inflamed glands. When this happens, there is no explanation to not go through an HIV test. People are highly urged to get themselves tested at this point so that the appropriate medication can be given to them. If not, they will move onto the subsequent stages of HIV until they get to the final one that is AIDS.

AIDS treatment

Today, there is no known treatment for AIDS. The treatment procedures that we have all over are simply treatments for the signs and symptoms of the infection. Many men and women have already passed away due to AIDS, and until there is not any cure for it or until people discover ways to safeguard themselves from getting AIDS, an increasing number of are going to fall victims to this lethal health problem.

AIDS awareness programs have already been developed through the years to help inform people about AIDS. Even though AIDS is a health problem that cannot be cured, it can be avoided. People need to be knowledgeable about the hazards of AIDS so that they can follow suitable sexual practices and other things to be able to not put themselves susceptible to contracting this terminal illness.