The AIDS situation in the world

AIDS is an issue that is prevalent in several regions in the world. It is due to the Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV. It ruins the person’s immune system, which results in him or her defenseless to battle other bacterial infections and medical issues, and finishing to worse diseases or possibly death.

As soon as an individual afflicted with HIV gets a T-cell or CD4 cell count that is lower than 200 per mm, and then AIDS happens. In the States, AIDS ranks fifth in the listing of major fatal health problems in people today aged 25 years old -44 years old. It has affected around fifty million people all over the world, and authorities predict that the number will remain to increase unless of course something is performed to stave off and prevent the spread.

How people get AIDS

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, or AIDS, is transferred in numerous means. A pregnant female who has the illness can pass it on to her baby while being pregnant by way of the food nutrients and blood swapped between them. Somebody that gets involved in sexual activities without the use protection is also far more susceptible to contracting it. Those that like to sleep around with almost anybody, without any knowledge of the sexual pasts of these unknown individuals, are also in jeopardy. Fluid transmission which includes blood transfusion, semen, breast milk, and vaginal fluid can also yield AIDS. Because of all these, AIDS is widely seen as a pandemic. Annually, around three million people are noted to have been affected by AIDS.

 Some symptoms of AIDS

The most popular signs and symptoms of AIDS are fever, inflamed glands, influenza, and abnormal sweating. The patient may suffer the pain of weight loss, fatigue, and chills. These warning signs are not present at the outset, and that is why many people have no idea that they have the malady until the signs get far more intense.

There is simply no treatment plan that has effectively killed off AIDS or HIV completely. Today’s therapies can only lessen the speed of the spread of illness. The antiretroviral treatment plan functions by scaling down the invasion of newly-acquired infections and furthering even slightly the life of the affected individual. All prescription medications and pharmaceuticals for AIDS are available in all countries, but they are quite expensive.