AIDS is short for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. It is a deadly medical disorder that has absolutely no known cure as of this time. It has afflicted millions upon millions all over the world and never stops to take away lives, no matter what age group, gender, nationality, ethnic group, or religious beliefs. 

There are many ways to contract AIDS , and they are the following: 

Expectant mom who is AIDS positive transmits on the infection to her kid 
Engaging in unprotected intercourse with an HIV or AIDS infected individual 
Making use of contaminated needles or syringes 

There are several common myths about how exactly AIDS is passed on . Since the AIDS virus is found in a person’s fluids, it does not indicate that being in contact with the fluids of an AIDS sufferer is going to instantly contaminate you with AIDS. For instance, shaking hands or hugging an AIDS affected person is not going to lead you to be ill with AIDS. Nor will making use of an AIDS patient's brush and other items. 

Quite a while back, when AIDS was initially found out, medical professionals believed AIDS only afflicted homosexuals. The reason behind this was the very first AIDS cases recorded involved homosexuals. This notion spread around and was recognized to be the real truth. However not a long time after that , AIDS patients which were straight females and males emerged up , hence debunking their perception regarding AIDS being unique to homosexuals . 

To be able to not acquire AIDS, you need to apply safe sex strategies. Stop having sex with an individual who has AIDS. On top of that, constantly use protection when having sex, most especially with numerous partners. 

People who believe that they have AIDS are urged to get tested for AIDS right away. AIDS is a condition that weakens the immune system, and so someone who is afflicted with it will end up incapable of battling off viruses and harmful bacteria that would strike his or her body. AIDS does not have any treatment solutions so people that have acquired it are likely to face their deaths in no time. 

AIDS is a life threatening kind of sickness that more individuals should be aware of. It brings about numerous complications until the human body will no longer be capable of working accordingly. It carries on generating chaos all over the world, particularly in the poorer regions of the planet. There are so many STD treatment centers and healthcare facilities all over therefore it is most beneficial that everybody should consider taking their part in helping out to prevent the spread of AIDS . Get tested for AIDS and distribute the word around. 

AIDS consciousness as well as other information and facts dissemination programs are available in order to aid individuals who are unaware about how dangerous this infection could be.