What is AIDS?

AIDS is a deadly condition brought on by a virus that assaults the body’s immune system. It is an acronym for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. It is the concluding stage of an HIV infection. Those who are afflicted with AIDS are the ones that began with the HIV infection.

The very first evidence of AIDS was recorded in the US in 1981. It was regarded as a health problem exclusive for homosexuals alone. But then, after instances of straight women and men afflicted with AIDS turned up, the idea was debunked.

What are the typical myths about AIDS?

The following are a few of the common myths about AIDS:

  • AIDS can be obtained by kissing, coughing, and sneezing. 
  • AIDS is passed on through ordinary physical contact. 
  • AIDS can be acquired by sharing towels, phones, toilets, and other stuff.

Everything stated above are false!

How is AIDS transmitted? 

AIDS is transmitted in different ways:

  • Having unprotected intercourse 
  • By means of sexual contact – blood or semen from an infected individual 
  • Making use of contaminated syringes, razors, and needles 
  • Artificial insemination 
  • Organ transplant

What is the incubation time period of AIDS?

Individuals who get the Human Immunodeficiency Virus go through an incubation time period of between fifteen and twenty-seven months. The average time frame is twenty-eight months.

How is AIDS detected?

There are many means to identify AIDS, along with HIV. The most typically used is known as the ELISA test. An individual who would like to get tested for HIV or AIDS can pay a visit to the nearby STD facility or medical center in his or her neighborhood and go through an ELISA test. Or, they can also request for a Western Blot test and this is also effective in diagnosing AIDS or HIV.

For those who care about their personal space a great deal, and have no desire to go out in the public areas and be seen by other people when they walk in STD treatment centers for an AIDS or HIV test, they can try out the home HIV test kits available on the market non-prescription or from online retailers. These HIV/AIDS test kits are FDA authorized which means you are guaranteed of dependable results. Although the likelihood of obtaining false positive results are minimal, it is still advised that patients try an ELISA test or Western Blot test which the majority of medical practitioners utilize for diagnosing HIV or AIDS.

How is AIDS cured?

There is no accepted treatment for AIDS at this time. No vaccines or prescription medications are around to treat this medical disease. The best that can be done to not get AIDS or HIV is to stay clear of sex, constantly make use of condoms when having intercourse, and stay away from sharing fine needles, razors, or syringes with different people.