The HIV virus assaults the immune system and weakens it. Because of its likeness to flu-like indicators, sufferers usually go without treatment. Thus, recognition of early HIV warning signs in males is critical for its medical diagnosis. In most situations, the infection is contracted by unprotected sex with someone afflicted with HIV, via vaginal fluid, blood, or semen.
A different way for the spread of infection is using the common needle for intravenous shots. If the needle is contaminated with HIV infected blood, the likelihood of having the health problem is almost one hundred percent certain. The virus can also get spread around from breast milk of HIV afflicted mommies.

CD4 count

Blood samples of HIV affected males demonstrate a very high count of the HIV virus. The HIV strain normally binds itself to the receptors of the CD4 cells or T-cells of the white blood cells and releases its RNA to it and then commences multiplying. The virus takes over the host cell device and the amount of CD4 cells decrease. The earlier signs and symptoms steadily drop as the CD4 cells are able to handle getting rid of the virus. The body never stops struggling with the lethal virus and after some years, the cells relinquish their ability to fight. By this time the immune system loses the war and the body results in being definitely susceptible to numerous health conditions. That was the entire diagnosis of AIDS.

Symptoms And Signs of Acute HIV Infection in Men 

The signs and symptoms in men commence emerging after two or three weeks of infection. The common warning signs of HIV infection are a constant headache, frequent fever, inflamed glands, muscle ache, fatigue, appetite loss, sore throat, mouth rash, weight loss, diarrhea, oral thrush, vomiting, nausea, weird rashes on the skin, cough, and chest infections.

The final stage of infection happens usually after ten years and the condition during that time is referred to as AIDS. There is a serious lessening in the lymphocytes found in the blood and the immunity of body is entirely ruined, allowing it to be prone to an array of illnesses. Males in the last level of AIDS can suffer from lymphoma, Kaposi's sarcoma, and so on. The individual goes through extreme loose stools and quick weight loss. The body ends up being shrunken with the progression of white colored spots and lesions all over mouth and tongue. Pneumonia accompanied by fever, night sweats, and overwhelming fatigue takes a toll on the human frame. The prospects of staying alive are nearly small once a person is in his closing stage of HIV infection.