HIV, the terrifying Killer

Among the top, terrifying sexually transmitted diseases is the Human Immunodeficiency Virus or more generally referred to as HIV. It has attacked thousands upon thousands all over the world, and the number of affected people continue to rises each year.

HIV and AIDs

HIV is totally different from AIDS, or the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. AIDS is a medical condition that comes from uncared for HIV. This is one of the greatest things that many individuals are mixed up of.

How HIV is transmitted

The virus is mainly transferred from someone to another via sexual contact. Folks, who participate in unprotected sex with an HIV positive man or woman, even one time, are very prone to getting HIV. The fluids integrated during sexual intercourse are the ideal mediums of transmission for this health problem.

One way to transmit HIV is by way of blood. In the case, you get a blood transfusion and the blood used is HIV positive, the viral strain will instantly find its way to your internal systems. The utilization of needles and other equipment already utilized by a patient will also result in the transmission of the virus to you.

Aside from that, even the unborn and newborns can get the health problem through their moms. A pregnant woman who is afflicted with HIV can pass the virus to the infant in her womb via the placenta during the exchange of nourishment and minerals. A mommy infected with the virus will also transmit the virus as soon as she breastfeeds her infant.

Testing for the virus

As soon as you think that you have acquired HIV, you should begin questioning yourself where to get tested. The infection has various symptoms that you ought to be aware of in order to determine whether the time has come to visit a doctor. Health professionals can help test HIV in patients, and they are available to advise and instruct.

How HIV testing works

There are various HIV clinics in all areas of the planet today so that people can have accessibility to them. An HIV test utilizes the HIV antibody detection approach to find evidence of HIV antibodies in the bloodstream. The truth is that, once the immune system identifies a foreign organism that threatens to bring about injury inside the body, it acts by releasing antibodies to combat these outsiders.

An adequate number of HIV antibodies are what the test should have for it to find out if a patient is HIV positive or not. It might take two or three weeks to about a month for the results to become available. Regardless of what the result may be, you need to abstain from having sex and apply discipline until the person is entirely cleared of the virus.

The problems that emerge from being infected with HIV are many, so we must figure out how to practice safe sex always. Getting an HIV exam habitually will also assist in evaluating where our health stands. Take note of its destructive effects and help pass on the word about how to stop it and end its spread.