Medical experts advise anyone who has been diagnosed with HIV to immediately consult a doctor to receive the appropriate treatment for their disease. The available HIV treatment today, unfortunately, is quite expensive, so a lot of people cannot afford them. Because of that, many of them choose another route, i.e. to look at alternative treatment methods that usually end up not really working.

Alternative HIV medication

Here are some examples of alternative HIV medicines that can be effective:

1. Whey Protein - This can protect an HIV patient from suffering from diarrhea. It also has the ability to trigger a rise in the CD4 count.

2. Fish Oil - This can help lower the cholesterol levels of HIV patients.

Medication that DOES NOT work

And here are some examples of alternative HIV medicines that do not work at all:

1. Garlic - This alternative medication, some say, might put HIV patients at risk and danger. Garlic can help boost the immune system, but it might also react with the other drug medications already taken by the patient and negatively affect their effectiveness.

2. St. John’s Wort - This treatment is more commonly used in fighting off depression, but if used to treat HIV/AIDS, it just lowers the effectivity of the other more powerful HIV medications.

Everyone is advised to consult a medical professional to be able to know the best HIV/AIDS treatment plan for them. Some medications are not advised as these can only delay you from getting the appropriate and effective treatment solution.