In today’s modern world, it is essential for your teenager to know certain facts about sexually transmitted diseases. One of those, and one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases is gonorrhea, which is a sexually transmitted disease, or STD, caused by bacteria, that can be passed on from one person to the other via sexual contact, either vaginal, anal or oral, and it can be very dangerous if your teenager is pregnant, because it affects the mother’s immune system and it is transmitted from her to a new-born child. But just to be clear on one thing, gonorrhea cannot be transmitted by sitting on a toilet seat or through a handshake, for example.

Gonorrhea In Girls

If your teenage girl gets infected with gonorrhea, she may not get any symptoms at first, at least not for two or three weeks after the infection, but if she does get some vague symptoms, the way they usually are, she will feel a burning sensation while urinating, or have a vaginal discharge which will be yellow in most cases, and she can also have vaginal bleedings between her menstruation periods.

Gonorrhea In Guys

The symptoms, if any, in the beginning, is not that different for guys as well. They can also experience a burning sensation when urinating, or have a penis discharge, and painful testicles, so both guys and girls can be infected with gonorrhea and not be aware of it for a long time, which creates additional risk of spreading the infection onto others and severe complications because the disease is not treated in time to prevent them.

Complications And Consequences

If untreated, gonorrhea can be very dangerous, even for people who experience mild or no symptoms at all. In girls, the infection can cause severe complications in the uterus, during pregnancy, and this sexually transmitted disease can easily be transmitted from a mother to a new=born child, or have consequences after birth as well, primarily with infections of the eyes in babies. It can also cause PID, pelvic inflammatory disease, and can cause infertility and severe scarring of your genital area. In guys, the complications that gonorrhea, a sexually transmitted disease can cause is epididymis, which is a structure of a sort, that helps transport sperm and is attached to the testicle, which in return will cause a lot of pain and painful swellings in the genital area. Scars, blindness, and infertility are also one of the consequences of not treating this sexually transmitted disease.  But in both girls and guys, there is also a big possibility that gonorrhea, if untreated, can cause complications in other organs and other parts of the body, which include heart and brain, as one of the most important ones, eyes, skin and even joints, which is not that common, but it is good to know nevertheless. Guys and girls need to be educated about practicing safe sex and using condoms so that they have less and less chance to get infected with gonorrhea.