Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted disease that can be manifested through vaginal or penis discharge in both men and women. It is triggered by a bacteria called chlamydia trachomatis, to which the term chlamydia is referred to, even though there are two other types of this dangerous bacteria that can lead to being ill, which are chlamydia pneumonia, spread through coughing, for example, and chlamydia psittaci, that can be transmitted from birds to humans, interestingly enough. This sexually transmitted disease can be treated with heavy antibiotics, and people who get infected with chlamydia often do not know that they have it because the symptoms are rarely visible, at least not in the beginning. Infections that go untreated can cause more serious problems, especially in teenage population, so it is vital to educate our youth about the dangers of this sexually transmitted disease.

Visible Symptoms In Women

Chlamydia is one of those sexually transmitted diseases that show its symptoms after a few weeks, if at all, and because of it, the infection can last for a long time before it gets properly detected. When the symptoms are visible, though, we can distinguish a few both in male and female population. So, in female population symptoms of chlamydia can include vaginal discharge, burning sensation when urinating, vaginal irritation and horrible pain in the lower abdomen, which are all pretty serious symptoms that will make you go to the doctor to check what is wrong with your body. If untreated, this sexually transmitted disease can leave a lot of consequences, which can in return lead to complications such as PID, a pelvic inflammatory disease, and can also affect your reproductive organs. PID, or pelvic inflammatory disease, can sometimes go undetected, meaning without any symptoms, or with the symptoms similar to abdominal or menstrual pain, back pain, and other things like nausea, puking, being tired, or having a fever as well. All these sound like symptoms of the flu or some other viral disease like that, but that is precisely why chlamydia and other sexually transmitted diseases are so hard to detect at first. When untreated, chlamydia in female population can cause grave scarring of the fallopian tubes, for example, which in return can cause serious health problems such as pelvic pain or tubal pregnancy, which is pregnancy outside the womb, a very dangerous state indeed.

Visible Symptoms In Men

As in women, chlamydia will probably not show any symptoms, so the individuals who get infected will probably be oblivious to being infected in the first place, but if symptoms do show themselves, which is a possibility, usually after a few weeks of the initial phase of the infection, it will manifest itself in signs like a penis discharge and a burning sensation when urinating. The infections that do not get treated can cause epididymitis, which is an inflammation of the tubes that are located at the back of the testicles, so it can be a really painful experience for men.