Prevention of STDs

Sexually-transmitted diseases, or STDs, are quite prevalent these days. There are several millions of people that get infected with them every year. So, if you want to steer clear of these infections, you have to practice some precautionary measures. Here are nine ways to keep yourself STD-free:

1. Spend some time learning about STDs. The more information you have about them, the better chance you have to stay away from them.

2. Be open-minded about abstinence.

3. Do not have multiple sexual partners. There is a higher chance of contracting STDs if you have several.

4. Be careful when selecting a sexual partner. Do not have sex with just about anyone you meet.

5. Do not get drunk or high before having sex with alcohol and drugs can cloud your judgment and can lead to you forgetting to use condoms.

6. Be familiar with the most common STD signs and symptoms. Check for them on you or your partner.

7. Use latex condoms when having sex.

8. If possible, be in a mutually monogamous relationship since this reduces your and your partner's risks for STDs.

9. Lastly, get tested for STDs routinely.

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