The Human Immunodeficiency Virus, or HIV, is one of the scariest and most terrifying diseases. It is a sexually transmitted infection that has victimized millions of people worldwide. Today, it continues to strike and attack more.

Symptoms of HIV infection

Those that want to know what the common HIV symptoms are should read the following:

1. Fever - This can occur a couple of weeks after initial exposure to the virus. It might not be too different from regular fever, so it is not ideal to just rely on this symptom to tell if you have HIV.

2. A sore throat - This can happen simultaneously with the fever. You will suffer from this for a number of days and will not really suspect that it is because of the HIV infection.

3. A headache - This is a very common symptom among many kinds of medical diseases. People with HIV will also still have a hard time figuring out that their headache is pointing towards an HIV infection.

4. Fatigue - People infected with HIV will get tired very quickly. They are prone to not having enough energy to do their usual activities and routines.

5.Muscle and joint pains - HIV victims typically will suffer from back pains and pains in other body parts.

People should be reminded that they should not solely rely on these symptoms to know if they HIV. They should undergo go HIV testing and consult a medical professional.

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