Three babies in Canada are now reported to be HIV-free after they were given vaccines a few hours after their births. The vaccine used is a new one, and medical officials have not yet labeled it as a surefire cure for HIV, but they remain optimistic.

According to reports, as of the moment, the doctors believe that the babies are indeed free from traces of HIV, but that does not mean that they have really been cured. They want to wait and see if the virus will come back once the anti-HIV prescription medication is stopped.

The fourth baby

A fourth baby received the same vaccine but still had some traces of the virus. The doctors said he showed "very low level" of the infection. All four infants got the Human Immunodeficiency Virus from their mothers in the span of the pregnancy. Medical authorities hope to find out more about the efficacy of this vaccine so as to be able to use it more in the future and help more HIV patients.

HIV is caused by a virus that attacks the immune system. It cannot be cured totally but it can be managed and controlled with the right treatment solution.

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