13 Signals Of HIV/AIDSInfected with early HIV infection, at least 90% of people with HIV symptoms begin to learn who will tell you that something is wrong with your body. If you know, you are at risk of perhaps a sexually transmitted disease; this is the right time for the investigation. If you have any of these symptoms 13, chances are you have HIV infection.


A mild fever cannot say for most people but can be a symptom of HIV, because it will have multiple partners or engaged in risky sexual behavior with a stranger two months. Do not neglect and let check him.


Doing nothing, suddenly you feel tired. When your body gets infected with HIV, it will be slower in their immune system, so start feeling weak and tired because your immune system is compromised.

Muscles and aching joints

Do you have pain in the joints and muscles of the symptoms of the flu, but it can also be a sign of HIV infection. Since the influenza virus and HIV affect our immune system, which was connected to the outside of the lymph nodes, feeling the pain they are the usual symptoms.

Do you have a sore throat and headache?

These things are very common and occur most often for no reason, if you have to thirsty or hungry, you can have a headache and so, if you were involved in a risky sexual behavior, there are eight weeks.

You will see a rash

The very typical thing for our skin happens when conditions such as the difference in extreme heat or cold exposure - developed a rash. This also occurs when the body is exposed, and to be infected with the HIV that is important for rashes if he knew that is in danger.

Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea

In early HIV infection, nausea and vomiting occur in the short term and diarrhea. These are severe symptoms, so it is not self-evident, especially when you know that you had an unusual sexual encounter in the past.

You lose weight

The reason, without weight loss, is a severe symptom of a disease or condition is considered. If you experience this problem, check better have immediately and a health check. For people with AIDS called wasting syndrome - weight loss for no reason at all.

It causes a cough. A dry cough can be due to severe allergies and is a poor HIV. Immediately not assume to seek medical help.


A dry cough and weight loss can finish like pneumonia, and you can begin to take medication for pneumonia. What we do not know, pneumonia is another symptom of HIV infection.

Experience night sweats

In early HIV infection, night sweats are very common in HIV patients. If you, if it is night sweat in a very comfortable room or not have nightmares, tell your doctor about it.

Your nail color

Have you noticed changes in your nails? It is, as it seems they die and black?

With a yeast infection

Another symptom of HIV is a yeast infection that often shows in the mouth. Candida fungus causes an infection. It is not painful, but annoying, especially when you begin these patches in the mouthfeel. He is confused and cannot concentrate

HIV can cause dementia, focus so if you experience sudden problems and things to remember, you must immediately take medication for HIV.