Effects of untreated Gonorrhea

When gonorrhea is untreated in the human male, it can lead to infertility of the man and make him more easily susceptible to other sexually transmitted diseases. Although gonorrhea can be conveniently cured, it could lead to severe damages if left untreated.


In many circumstances, many men living with gonorrhea infection have absolutely no idea they are living with it because they experience no symptoms. In light of this, they pass it to their innocent partner or partners in whose body the symptoms eventually manifests.

Incubation time of Gonorrhea

The symptoms of gonorrhea typically showcase themselves within 2 to 5 days of contracting the disease but in some circumstances, it takes up to 30 days because, of course, the body system differs from individual to individual – even in identical twins.

The symptoms of gonorrhea in men include

  • Penis rash
  • Penile discharge
  • Spots on penis
  • Jock itch (fungal infection)
  • Painful urination
  • Swelling of the testicles
  • Lump on testicle
  • Penis bump
  • Pimple on the penis
  • Penis pain


Gonorrhea Complications In Women

Descriptions of these gonorrhea symptoms in men

Penis rash:

This symptom is unpleasant and occurs in almost every infected man. A lot of conditions may cause rash on the penis apart from gonorrhea. This is one of the reasons why some men ignore the rash when it occurs because they believe it cannot be an infection.

Penis rash is usually itchy and may sometimes be caused by some reactions to soaps or various allergies. Be that as it may, one should go for a test once rashes are noticed down there because it may be a symptom of gonorrhea. Home test kits can also confirm if it is indeed an infection or not.

Penile discharge:

Penile discharge is another common symptom of gonorrhea which comes in various forms. It is a condition whereby fluids are collected in the urethra as a result of bacterial, yeast or viral infections. A normal urethra which ought to discharge only urine and semen starts to discharge watery, cloudy or even bloody contents because of the infection. Penile discharge comes in various forms; while it is thick in some men, it could be thin, yellow, and bloody in other men.

Spots on penis:

During examination of one’s self, the discovery of spots on the penis could be disturbing because it is a change in the normal state of affairs. Spots on the penis happen to be one of the symptoms of gonorrhea which when noticed should immediately prompt a visit to a medical examiner.

The common spots on penis includes:

  • Blisters

blister on penis Gonorrhea

  • Warts

genital warts penis men

  • Hirsutoid papillomas (Penile papules)

penile papules male


Jock itch:

This is another symptom which is contracted during unprotected sex (even without penetration sometimes). A mere flesh to flesh sexual relations with an infected person may lead to transmission.

Painful urination:

Another very common one seen in almost all sufferers is this symptom. It is common since a man cannot live a day without urination. It therefore makes it one of the most obvious and easiest symptoms to ring a bell during such moments when the fellow engages in this natural act. The flow of urination is affected while the natural relief which is experienced afterwards does not come as expected.

This painful feeling while urinating is usually caused when the urine comes in contact with the sores around the urethra which would not to be experienced without an infection. This can be a symptom of gonorrhea and in most cases; it is the first noticeable symptoms, among others.


Dealing With Oral Gonorrhea

Swelling of the testicles:

Testicle swelling is mostly ascertained as one of the symptoms of gonorrhea. When it occurs, the infected person is advised to get some medical help because this sign may even be another sexually transmitted infection other than gonorrhea. It is that serious and can be painful too.

Lump on testicle:

Some factors like mass formation, inflammation, or injuries may cause lump in the testicles. However, when a lump on the testicle is discovered, it could be a symptom of gonorrhea and one should seek medical care so as to be on the safe side.

Penis bumps:

This is also one of the first noticeable signs in men infected with gonorrhea. They come as sores which necessitates the importance to bear in mind that some bumps on the penis could be normal and non-sexual in nature. Whatever the case, using a home test kit would quickly determine which it is.

Pimple on penis:

These are lumps on the genitals which could be single or few. Some men become alarmed when they notice these new developments and get apprehensive. One should not be afraid when pimple(s) is noticed on the penis because it could turn out to be harmless. However, these may be symptoms of gonorrhea in some men. It is therefore safe and convenient to be examined when one notices these developments, especially after engaging in some form of unprotected sex.

Testicle pain:

This could be one of the symptoms a person would experience when infected with gonorrhea. It is caused by a viral infection or bacteria, but with adequate medical care, the pain can be managed.

Whatever the symptom as explained above, one should always waste no time in taking medical action when any of the above is being experienced. Getting tested early should never be compromised.