Reports from Brazil reveal that a woman has been diagnosed positive for the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, or HIV, after using manicure equipment.

The woman, who is 22, said she found that she has been infected with the disease after undergoing a test that is necessary before donating blood.

HIV infection through manicures

According to researchers, the woman, who works as a manicurist at a salon, became at risk for the virus due to the use of shared manicure equipment. They further stated that based on their analysis, the virus got to her around 11 years ago. Furthermore, the virus may have been transmitted by her cousin, who is HIV-positive and used to work at the same salon. However, they could not verify if the HIV spread was the result of blood contact between the two people through the shared manicure tools or something else.

Medical professionals who diagnosed the woman admitted that contracting the HIV infection through manicures does not happen very often, and it is actually a rare type of event. But, it does happen and it is not some kind of a new transmission method.

Other common ways HIV spreads

The most common ways of HIV transmission are:

– unprotected sex where an exchange of bodily fluids (semen, vaginal, rectal) occur

– sharing of used needles or syringes when getting tattoos, injecting drugs, or during acupuncture

– from an infected mother to her baby upon childbirth or through breastfeeding

It is very important to get an HIV test as soon as possible to be able to manage the spread of the virus around the body and avoid various severe complications through the administration of antiretroviral treatment.

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