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Willful Transmission Of HIV To Be Criminalized In Uganda

Dealing with intentional transmission of HIV

The Ugandan government is set to make and pass a law that criminalizes the intentional and deliberate transmission of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, or HIV.

With the ever-increasing number of HIV cases in the country, the leaders of Uganda want to do something to help protect their fellowmen.

A person who gets convicted of intentionally or willfully passing the HIV infection on to other people will receive a 10-year jail punishment.

Nowadays, there are several millions of people infected with HIV all over the world, and countries such as Uganda are among those with higher HIV rates in comparison to other parts of the planet.

Other modes of transmission

Men, women, kids, and adults are all in danger of getting afflicted with HIV. The virus is frequently transmitted from one person to another through sexual contact, but it can also be passed on through exposure to infected blood.

Over the years, HIV awareness has been a priority of various health groups worldwide, but the battle with the virus seems to be very difficult to overcome. Today, there are various treatment methods that can help manage HIV, but most of them are very expensive and people in poor nations cannot afford to avail these.

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