Syphilis is among the most common sexually transmitted diseases today. It is an infection that is believed to have originated in Europe. It is a dreadful thing to have and people are infected with it suffer from various symptoms that become worse if the disease is left untreated until they can no longer live their normal lives.

Just like other STDs such as HIV or AIDS, syphilis is not something that you would want to have. It is a disease that we should all stay away from. It is caused by a bacterium called the Treponema pallidum, which can be transmitted from one person to another in a number of ways.

Modes of transmission

The most common method of transmission of syphilis is through sexual intercourse. When a person infected with syphilis has sex with an uninfected person, the former will pass on the bacteria to the other by enabling the bacteria to enter through the cracks found in the epithelium around the genital area. Other ways to transfer syphilis are through skin touching, kissing, masturbating another person, and other intimate physical contacts.

Test for Syphilis early on

Because it is so easy to pass the syphilis bacteria to other people, it is important to test for syphilis as soon as you suspect that you may have contracted it. A syphilis test is important so that you can confirm whether you have the infection or not. If you are tested positive for syphilis, you can immediately get treatment and stop spreading the infection to other people unknowingly. Otherwise, you will end up developing more symptoms and you will reach the later stages of the infection where your body might start to falter. Testing for syphilis also helps your partner know whether they should also get a syphilis test or not.

How To Recognize The Syphilis Infection

Ways of testing for syphilis

There are various ways to get tested for syphilis. Probably the most convenient among them all is by going to STD clinics. These STD clinics conduct different kinds of STD tests including syphilis testing. Testing for syphilis is needed especially if you have a strong suspicion that you may have been infected with syphilis.

A syphilis test is done by getting a patient’s blood sample. The blood will be examined for any signs that it has been infected with the syphilis bacteria. The syphilis testing will uncover if you indeed have the disease or not. If you turn out to be positive for syphilis, you have to undergo treatment as soon as possible. Your doctor can help you find the best treatment possible. If you are tested negative for syphilis, you better practice all the preventive methods in order to not contract syphilis in the future.