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Why Test For HIV?

HIV is a very dangerous sexually transmitted disease that affects a person's immune system. If not detected and treated at the earliest chance, it can cause a lot of serious trouble and complications that can be difficult to manage.


Having unprotected sex is one way to spread HIV. The virus can get into another person's body through the exchange of sex fluids.

Coming into contact with infected blood can also put you at risk for HIV. Receiving blood transfusion or organ transplant from an HIV-infected individual can get you also infected with the virus.
A mother who is pregnant and has HIV can pass the infection on to her baby upon child delivery or through breastfeeding.


To detect HIV, it is required that you undergo an HIV test. A blood test is the most common way to be able to find traces of HIV antibodies present in a person's system.

The earlier this is done, the less difficult it is to manage the spread of the virus inside the body.

Failure to do so can cause various problems and complications that can affect other important body parts such as the heart, reproductive system, and more. The patient also becomes more prone to contracting other STDs and other diseases due to a weakened immune system.


So, if you test positive for HIV, be ready to receive treatment that can control and stop the replication and spread of the virus. Consult a doctor to know what the best HIV treatment is for you.

STD Rapid Test Kits offers reliable and certified rapid HIV screen test kits for fast, efficient, safe, convenient, and accurate HIV testing.

The Common Methods Of Transmission Of HIV