Why Syphilis Is A Cruelest Disease

By far the most dangerous of all sexually transmitted disease is syphilis. This is because the person carrying this STD infection, have to leave, may long to get medical treatment and the result may be a loss of life or are not always aware that, in fact, a sexual infection and transmission of knowledge. And because of this reason we always recommend to have safe sex with all new sexual partners and reviewed regular sexual health because they take both unprotected anal and oral sex and regular sex.

How the Syphilis Bacteria spreads

Syphilis can cause sexually transmitted diseases which in the worst case to death, if untreated, usually caught by sexual contact, but in their case, intensification and kissing close touch with the body are capable of the bacteria to spread someone else. It occurs mainly wounds and often goes undetected for a long time. The correct medical diagnosis of syphilis is Treponema pallidum.

The bacteria cannot be made by the following methods:

  •  The items with the infection were touching someone who already played.
  •  Swimming, bathing, and hot tub.
  •  Ability to share the bathroom.
  •  The use of food and a communal kitchen.
  •  Collecting and objects of daily use touch in a day.

In fact, that the only way to person syphilis of any shape can be transferred is sex with them. It is also advisable that the unprotected sex to examine by a condom with someone with who has this infection, it is not recommended that you still do not fully

Protect against the acquisition of infection.

It is curable if detected early, but can cause problems with your brain and heart to create.

Number Of Syphilis And Gonorrhea Patients In The US Continue To Increase

It is often treated with a course of antibiotics, for which in the initial stages of this is trapped a single dose of antibiotics, and those in the later stages have three separate doses.  In these types’ cases, the advanced form of the antibiotic is injected. There are alternative medications that can be used when one has an allergic reaction to an antibiotic. Also, you are advised not to engage them completely free of wounds in any sexual relations they produced.

If a woman discovers that has syphilis during pregnancy always causes some additional problems during pregnancy. In some cases, the baby may be stillborn or die shortly after birth. Yes, the type of high-risk genital HPV can cause cervical cancer, vagina, vulva, anus, penis, and throat. The type of HPV causes cancer is the most commonly cervical cancer. Most HPV infections go away by themselves and do not cause cancer. However, abnormal cells can develop if the types of high-risk HPV do not go away. Those who survive are invited to examine to determine whether they have the infection and the right treatment.  And if you are lucky enough to avoid infection but you can still have to suffer from a crisis or unexpected crises later, which can then lead to premature death.

There is advice that I want the people who read this article to remember and always practice safe sex and get regular check-ups.