There are several millions of people that suffer from the Human Immunodeficiency Virus today. HIV, as what it is most commonly known, is an infection that is caused by a virus that is primarily transmitted via sexual intercourse. If you have a sexually active lifestyle and you want to protect yourself against this infection, you should be ready to get an HIV test.

Testing for HIV

There are many methods to test for HIV, but the easiest one is by using a rapid HIV test kit. A rapid HIV test kit is a device that is designed to detect the virus in a person's blood/plasma/serum sample.

Using a rapid test kit

You can get a rapid HIV test kit from a pharmacy, STD facility, or online. There are so many of them so you have to be careful which one to choose. You have to find one that has been tested by various medical organizations or laboratories.

Once you have your own rapid HIV test kit, you can conduct the test on your own by simply following the instructions on the package. You should not have any difficulty acquiring some fluid sample on your own, but you can always ask someone around you to help you with it if you are having second thoughts.

After about 15 minutes, the test kit will provide you with a 99% accurate test result. That's right. Only 15 minutes. Unlike other HIV testing methods, using rapid HIV test kits will save you a lot of time.

Because of the prevalence of HIV, it is a must that sexually active individuals get an HIV test for their own good. They can get reliable and trusted rapid HIV screen test kits from STD Rapid Test Kits for only $26.

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