Syphilis is known for the many complications it can bring about. It triggers various harm and damage as soon as it finds its way into our bodies. Because of this, it is important to know what the common symptoms of syphilis are so that you can get tested and correctly diagnose syphilis as soon as possible.

The stages of syphilis infection

The syphilis infection is made up of four stages. Meaning that if you get infected with it and you leave it undiagnosed and untreated, you would go through each of those four stages and suffer a great deal.

An afflicted man or woman may not manifest certain signs and symptoms at the very early stage and will normally disregard and fail to remember it in a matter of days. He or she will only be reminded of the bacteria yet again the time the much more serious warning signs appear.

First stage

The first stage of syphilis can last up to three months. A patient may get skin sores referred to as chancres, which can develop on any portion of the body. They tend to be more prevalent in the nether parts and the mouth. They are not distressed and will vanish in approximately a couple of weeks. This does not imply that you are remedied from syphilis. The bacteria continue to be there and you must do something about them right away. If not cured, the infection will proceed to the second stage.

Second stage

The second stage of syphilis is the time when syphilis is the most contagious. Therefore, it is best to not engage in any kind of sexual activity at this point. It is when the disease begins to spread throughout the body. The warning signs consist of skin rashes, fever, hair thinning, soreness of the lymph nodes, weight reduction, severe headaches, appetite loss, pains in the joints and muscles.

How Dangerous Is Syphilis

Latent stage

The latent stage of syphilis enters if syphilis continues to be untreated. At this stage, syphilis does not actually have any kind of obvious warning signs. So that you can evaluate if you still have the ailment, you need to undertake a blood test for syphilis. Quick treatment must be completed so that moving ahead to the final and deadly stage will be prevented.

Final stage

The final stage of syphilis is called the tertiary stage of syphilis and it may be one of the worst problems that can happen to you. At this juncture, bacteria will end up inevitable. It will strike and harm more organs and systems inside the body. A patient is doomed to have the infection for at least two more years up to twenty years. For that reason, get tested for syphilis without delay.