The best quality HIV test is the one that offers you with a precise and comforting result in a time duration that fits you best. Every person may have a dissimilar opinion on the best HIV test since their situations will likely be somewhat different. The principal issues to consider are firstly when you were perhaps put through HIV and secondly how terribly you have to know the answer. The exposure point is essential since it permits us to assess the HIV window span, which is the time from HIV viral attack to diagnosis.

There is a substantial amount of confusion concerning HIV testing which results primarily from the massive leaps in our understanding of HIV in the time given that the epidemic started and the improvement of the technology behind the testing equipment. Consequently, the issue as to which is the best quality HIV test is dependent on the separate scenarios.

 Methods of testing for HIV

There presently exists HIV testing strategies that will enable us to recognize HIV infection extremely early on really. This will be relevant for all kinds of reasons, not least the reality that we know that the vital period for transmitting HIV on to someone else is in the first two or three months after infection, when the quantity of virus in the infected person’s blood, semen or vaginal fluids may very well be extremely high. The quantity of HIV virus in a body fluid is known as HIV viral load and in the initial stages might possibly be lots of thousands or millions of replicates of virus in each milliliter of blood or fluid.

HIV and Dental Health

How infection occurs

Mainly because the infection continues and the newly infected person’s body system gets a grip on the new HIV infection, the number of viri reduces and that man or woman turns into, we feel, significantly less infectious. Therefore as an illustration, if I were to get HIV positive right now, then in around two weeks or so, my viral load would be quickly expanding and commencing to bump into the countless replicates. I will be really infectious to those I had unprotected sex with.

 Testing early

Testing freshly infected HIV positive individuals early enables us a lot of possibilities to impact the final result for the good. We recognize from scientific studies that the majority of people who are conscious they are HIV positive are willing to prevent transmitting HIV on to other individuals. They surely do not wish an instant of turmoil on their part to trigger their loved ones turning out to be HIV positive as well.