Nowadays, sexually-transmitted diseases are quite common. Several millions of people around the world have been affected by them, and a lot of them have failed to get tested and treated at the earliest opportunity.

One of these prevalent STDs these days is called syphilis. It is very important for people who have been afflicted with it to get tested early on so that the severe and worse complications would be avoided.

Stages of Syphilis and the symptoms

First of all, let us look at the different stages of syphilis and the usual symptoms that arise in each stage. Those people that get affected by syphilis may not show signs and symptoms until after some time, even after a few years. The usual signs and symptoms of a patient in the early stage of the illness will show a minimum of one sore that is pain-free, hard, and small. This sore will heal on its own and many people do not see that single sore as a danger, a sign of something very serious, so they end up neglecting testing and treatment, thinking that it is nothing to be worried about.

During the second stage of syphilis, some more rashes pop up on the body, together with genital lumps, sore throat, muscle ache, fever, headache, swelling of the glands, hair loss, enlargement of lymph nodes, and exhaustion/fatigue. These kinds of symptoms will vanish and heal alone, similar to the first stage signs and symptoms. But, the awful thing about that fact is that once more, the patient is left to believe that he or she is fine and there is nothing to stress out about his or overall health.

Syphilis Rates In Vancouver Continue To Rise

The adverse effects of Syphilis on the body

If the syphilis is still undiagnosed and without treatment after this crucial second stage, it will trigger some more severe complications that are much dangerous and damaging. The late stage of syphilis implicates the very important internal organs of the body like the liver and brain. A man or woman who is enduring this syphilis stage may suffer from a stroke, numbness, membrane soreness, dementia, paralysis, poor muscle coordination, and blindness. He or she may eventually die from all these problems if the suitable medication and health therapies are not provided to him or her instantly.

Therefore, an individual afflicted with syphilis must undertake syphilis diagnostic tests to sense the occurrence of the infection. Normally, a medical doctor will analyze the sores to confirm the kind of STD that the patient has. A blood sample will also be used so that the existence of syphilis antibodies can be discovered. This test provides precise results and is risk-free and affordable. People must go see a doctor as soon as any of the symptoms are noticed. Syphilis is very treatable, so do not hesitate to get tested and treatment right away.