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Why Chlamydia Tests Are Vital

Anyone can be afflicted with Chlamydia, and that can happen in many easy ways. This type of sexually-transmitted disease can be transmitted from someone to another by means of oral, vaginal, or anal sex. An affected pregnant lady can give it to her kid upon going through vaginal birth.

Facts and figures indicate that more than half of the people with Chlamydia are unaware that they have the health problem mainly because Chlamydia does not constantly present obvious symptoms. It is bad for the female reproductive system and can bring about infertility. If you think that you could have it, or if you know anyone who may or has it, visit a doctor instantly.

A person is very likely to contract Chlamydia if he or she is getting it on with numerous partners. No one is spared from this illness. Adult males, girls, homosexuals, and lesbians are all similarly vulnerable. The one and positive thing to not get stricken with it is through abstinence.

For quite some time, health professionals have put in considerable time and money trying to find ways to properly and precisely identify and test Chlamydia. The following are some of the most common ways to test for Chlamydia:


The Nucleic Acid Amplification Tests or NAAT is considered the most widely-used and dependable testing method that medical practitioners use these days. It looks at the DNA of the affected person really closely to sense more correctly what is going in the patient’s body system. It utilizes very state of the art apparatus and equipment that can study microorganisms not evident with the naked eye.

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Direct Fluorescent Antibody Stain

One other technique employed for Chlamydia testing is known as the direct fluorescent antibody stain. It performs by searching for the Chlamydia antigens, components that activate the discharge of antibodies that will counteract and destroy them.

DNA Probe

The technique referred to as DNA probe is also among the more prominent ones, and it locates signs of the Chlamydia DNA inside the body. Even so, it is not as receptive as the NAAT.

You can find home test kits found in several pharmaceutical stores and health centers these days. You can use them to verify if you are infected with Chlamydia, inside your home, in your own personal time. It is certainly not as efficient as the other methods, but it is sufficiently good to inform you if you really have the health problem or not.

After you obtain your test results back, get ready for the steps to take next. Having a negative indicates you do not have the ailment. But then as a safety measure, try all you can to keep a vibrant lifestyle here on out. Then again, if you get a positive test result, consult with your doctor and pay attention to what he or she wants you to accomplish next. The Chlamydia treatment procedure will most likely start with you having to take antibiotics until just about all indicators and remnants of it are gone for good.