Technology advancement has allowed HIV testing to be done at home, and this has become possible with the launch of HIV home test kits. This testing method allows someone to test themselves for HIV within a matter of minutes, without the need for any specific medical supervision. In spite of this, with this comfort and rewards, which both support enhance testing conditions comes quite a few concerns.

The CD4 count

It must be known that HIV can mask for long periods of time in the cellular components of your own body and that it assaults a significant section of your immune system, which are your T-cells or CD4 cells. The body needs to have these cells to overcome infections and sickness, but HIV invades them, employs them to recreate itself, and then assaults them. In the long run, HIV can injure a lot of your CD4 cells that your body can’t combat infections and illnesses to any further length. After that occurs, HIV infection can bring about AIDS.

Testing for HIV at home is advantageous

Acquiring an HIV home test online and testing yourself in your own home presents numerous advantages, but you will not obtain the opportunity to enjoy any kind of therapy or counseling sessions. If you are concerned about this, self-testing is not suitable for you. You need to test with the help of a doctor who can present you with some help and guidelines as you test. No matter what happens, in the possibility of a positive result, you should check with your health care provider who will then vouch for you to an expert who will render help with your medical care and essential assistance.

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The typical HIV tests executed at these medical facilities are the rapid HIV antibody tests and the Enzyme immunoassay or EIA tests. The first one utilizes blood, oral fluid, or urine to detect HIV antibodies, and the results of these exams could be available after approximately ten minutes. The second one similarly makes use of blood, oral fluid, or urine to identify HIV antibodies, and the results of these tests could take up to a fortnight or possibly even longer.

You can keep on with self- testing for HIV by way of rapid test kits, given it has been regarded as a suitable and approved an alternative to testing in a health care center. You are free to select whom you get your test kits and when and how you choose to be assessed.