The prevalence of sexually-transmitted diseases is a major problem in many parts of the planet. These infections spread very easily and they can strike anyone.

The High-risk groups

  • Sexually active adult males and females are likely to contract STDs, especially if they do not use protection. So, they are advised to always use condoms to minimize the probability of transmitting the STDs from one person to another.
  •  Sexually active teenagers also comprise a large portion of the STD victims of today. They should be educated on how they can protect themselves through the use of protection, as well as the importance of being in a mutually monogamous relationship and STD testing.
  •  Babies who are born to STD-infected mothers may contract STDs from their mothers during pregnancy or upon childbirth, especially if the mothers neglect to get STD tested and treated.
  •  People who have a history of STDs are very prone to contracting other STDs. For example, those that are positive for HIV have weakened immune systems so that is very much at risk of contracting other STDs.
  •  Those that have multiple sexual partners are very likely to get STDs. The more people you have sex with, the higher the chances of you getting infected with STDs.

So, always watch out for your health. Make smart decisions when it comes to sex and gets tested regularly with your partner to make sure that you are both STD-free!