Are you afraid that you might one day get an STD without you realizing it? Have you spent hours and hours thinking about how you would deal with this bad news and how to inform your partner about it? Are STDs really that bad that you have to all-out panic and get so anxious?

Dangers of untreated STDs

I understand that STDs, or sexually transmitted diseases, are not something to just take lightly. They can cause serious harm and damage to our bodies, if not diagnosed and treated at the earliest opportunity. For these reasons, it is imperative that STDs are detected as soon as possible so that we can avoid leaving it to bring about more complications.

Who is at risk of infection?

All of us are at risk of getting STDs --- men, women, children, adults --- all are not safe. But, there are certain groups of people that are actually more prone or have higher chances of acquiring this STD. They are the following:

People who do not use protection when having sex. Sexual intercourse is the most common way of STD transmission, so those that do not use condoms when having vaginal, anal, or oral sex are more likely to get STDs, compared to those that use condoms.

People who have multiple sexual partners are also at higher risk. The reason for this is that it is difficult to know the sexual histories and statuses of these sex partners, especially if there are more of them.

Health workers who work with STD patients have to wear the appropriate attire when dealing with blood work, and other things. STD infected blood can transmit the virus or bacteria to another person if he or she has even the smallest open wound or cut on his or her skin.

How Do STDs Affect A Pregnant Woman?

Protecting against STDs is a must. It is imperative that people know how to steer clear of these to avoid symptoms and complications. It is also helpful to find out if they have an STD right away with the use of rapid STD test kits.