Despite continuous campaigns of the government to stop HIV infection, the number of people being diagnosed with the said disease is still high. There are countries whose cases are increasing while there are countries that seem to be having effective anti-HIV campaigns. If it cannot be prevented, the best thing that person can do is to be tested in order to prevent infecting others. In addition, early treatment can make it easier to treat HIV and improve the quality of life of the HIV patient.

Where to get tested?

In public hospitals

There are public hospitals that can now perform and do HIV testing using HIV testing kits. For some, this is free while others might charge for a few dollars. Not all public hospitals can do this though because they might not have the facility or tool to do it yet. These public hospitals are funded by the government so do not ask for more as long as they will test you for HIV virus.

Look for HIV testing sites or satellite clinics

The government has started satellite clinics that aim to bring HIV testing closer to the people. Satellite clinics are the initiative of researchers and billionaires who want to help eradicate AIDS. These clinics can do the HIV testing for free in exchange for your data and information. There are some who don’t really collect data and information but again, remember that these are funded for research purposes so most likely, they will ask you to be part of their research programs.

The Advantages Of Rapid HIV Test Kits

Big hospitals

You can be tested for HIV in big hospitals as well. if you are into privacy and you want the best doctor to look into your health, go to big hospitals and have a general checkup and not just HIV test.

Private clinics

There are private clinics that offer to give HIV testing. These clinics charge higher than usual but they provide high-quality service, efficient and your privacy is guaranteed. If you want to get an immediate result, going to a private clinic is an option.

Home HIV Testing Kit

If you don’t feel like going for a drive and leaving your home so you can get tested, you can purchase government-approved home HIV testing kits. When purchasing your testing kit, make sure to get it from licensed pharmaceutical drugstores and companies. If possible, avoid ordering it online to avoid being a victim of scams. A most home testing kit for HIV can produce a result in as fast as 10 minutes. This is also a sure way of keeping the result private because you are the only one who can see the result.


If you think you are at risk of having sexually transmitted disease or HIV for that matter, do not hesitate to get tested. There are a lot of options to do it so choose the one that suits you and goes for it. All medical conditions can be treated or controlled at least if they get diagnosed as early as possible so do not wait for the worst before getting yourself tested.

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