Throughout this series of articles, I keep throwing out my saying which is, “The only best sex is protected sex”, this is my personal way of getting the message across to you to use a condom, lots of you do follow this message and I thank you wholeheartedly for making this choice, but have you ever thought that sometimes your condom barrier could let you down?


Can a Condom let you down?

Yes, it does happen, so today we are going to have a look at this.

It seems that most times the cause of an STD can actually be down to the fact that the condom let you down rather than you could not be bothered to use adequate protection. However, there are ways that can help to minimize this happening to you and your partner. To prevent any infection transfer you are using a condom basically to create a barrier between each other so that you do not experience actual skin to skin contact with your genital areas. Condoms are now available for men and women, so both sexes can be proactive in using and having protection in their possession, however at present women’s protection is liable to be quite costly.  It is recommended that you look at the whole range of protection available and choose one that is right for you as they do come in different sizes and variety. If you are planning to use any kind of lubricant, it is best to check on the box to see if the manufacturers advise certain makes to avoid which could compromise the actual protection of the barrier of protection. The use of a spermicide is also not a sufficient barrier for both infection and pregnancy.

Importance Of Tests For STDs

The best quality of condoms

Most good quality and effective condoms are made by using a latex material, however, some people can show an allergic reaction which can in some cases cause a topical rash or even loss of life. There are now makes on the market that does not contain any of this latex material. The main alternative is one which is called polyisoprene which is a good match to latex but it has the actual proteins removed which are known to cause the allergic reactions in the first place. You should, however, note if using this type of condom that you should thoroughly check each one prior to use to make sure that it is completely intact and has no areas which could compromise your barrier in any way.

Take extra precautions

If after having sexual relations and you do realize that there has been an incident to the condom barrier that you used it is prudent that you both do either go to your relative doctor’s surgery or sexual health clinic to get tested just in case. And I would also advise the woman to maybe take the morning after pill just as a precaution in case of any leakage of sperm. Doing this shows that you are actively making sure that you will not have an unwanted pregnancy and also that you have a clean bill of sexual health.