What You Need to Know About Males and Chlamydia

Whenever people talk about chlamydia they just connect it with females, every article you read, or even surf the internet about it you will probably read about women having chlamydia, why? How? And such stuff.  So today I will talk about men having chlamydia that why do they have it and how and what might be the symptoms, just such stuff that would make the men know about it more too. So all the males out there, this one is for you.

As chlamydia is also known as a silent STD infection but once you detect that you or your partner has it, getting treatment is very easy and not even that costly. Many times it also happened that the patient recovered and turn back to normal just within a week.

The symptoms of Chlamydia

When a male is suffering from chlamydia, he feels pain and doesn’t feel comfortable at all when he urinates rather he gets a burning sensation but sometimes they also experience some white thick and watery liquid coming out of their penis, and they also experience severe pain in their testicles.

Getting treatment for the disease

When you start the treatment, you would be prescribed some antibiotics, to take for seven days. The names of the most important medicines are Azithromycin and Doxycycline. Under those seven days while you are eating your herbs you would be chlamydia free, 95% of the chances are that you would be free from it but also the rest of the 5% can happen, so you just need to hope for better. You will even somehow be allergic to any of the medicines prescribed so all you need to do was tell your doctor so he can prescribe an alternative.

Chlamydia - The Risks Of This Bacterial Infection

The time you would be buying the pills, you would get some side effects as a complimentary gift which might make you feel uncomfortable, but all you need to do is go back to your doctor and ask him just to provide you another one. As a complimentary gift with the medicines, you might get some of the Sid effects that I will state down. You will probably have problems breathing, your throat, lips, and face will also swell, and the worst part, you ill obviously goes through some cramps to die for. As for the daily tips, you must avoid contact with strong sunlight and must use a sunscreen, and you should just stay away from anal and oral, both types of sexual contacts.

Test again to determine whether the dose has worked

Once your dose of the antibiotics would be finished you must get our self again tested just to check if you are free from it or not. If you get negative from it, you probably would be free from it and would be able to have sexual contact and your sexual health would be even good enough to have relations again. You might ask your partner to get tested just in case it gets sexually transmitted to her.

Now as you will have a clean sexual health bill my only advice to you would be just to stay safe and don’t make the mistake that you did earlier. Now you must use a condom while having sex, just to always stay on the safe side. If you only have one partner and you don’t want to use condoms than at first to use them but you can just ditch them once you become sure that you both are sexually healthy.

Useful Information About Chlamydia