Several thousands of syphilis cases are being documented each year in many countries worldwide. This event has worried and concerned many health authorities around the world since they know how destructive and damaging syphilis can be. This disease can trigger various symptoms and complications that can bring harm and injury to different parts of the body.

Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease that can strike males and females, adults and young people. It is among the most feared STDs out there today because it can be easily transmitted from one person to another.

Signs of Syphilis infection

The initial sign of syphilis is a small sore that appears around ten days after first exposure to the syphilis infection. This small sore is known as chance and it is not painful nor does it cause any kind of discomfort. It tends to vanish after some time, without any warning. However, this disappearance does not mean that syphilis has been cured.

The second stage of Syphilis

If syphilis is neglected to be tested and cured early on, the disease can move on to the second stage which is characterized by many other different symptoms. Rashes and skin lesions are common symptoms of the second stage of syphilis. They usually appear on the palms, hands, and soles of the feet. In some cases, they spread to other areas of the body such as the mouth, penis or vagina.

Why you should get tested

Should you notice any of the previously mentioned symptoms, it is highly advisable that you get tested for syphilis right away. The infection can spread to more parts of your body or even get passed on to other people, so you have to do something about it before it does so.

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You can visit the nearest hospital or STD center to get tested for syphilis. If you have been diagnosed positive, you must undergo treatment medication right away. Your doctor will know what to give you so as to get the best results.

Failure to get tested and get treated for syphilis will only worsen your situation. More of your body organs will get affected, and you will end up really sick and ill. You will also become more likely to acquire other STDs and that is not a good thing.

Protect yourself from syphilis and other STDs by practicing safe sex and getting tested for STDs regularly, especially if you are sexually active. Your health should always be your top priority.