HIV is an infection that impairs the appropriate performance of the human body’s immune system. As time continues, the virus will strike one organ after another, which will result in the weakening and ultimate wrecking of the body.

How is HIV transmitted from one human being to another?

HIV is passed on in the following modes:

  • By using needles already used by an HIV affected person
  • From an HIV-infected girl to her child
  • Through transfusion of HIV-infected blood
  • Through sexual intercourse

What are the reasons why people must undertake HIV screening?

HIV screening is crucial as it picks up the existence of the virus in an individual’s system. It can show how critical the disease has turned out to be, and how the person’s antibodies are reacting. HIV is a sickness that we should not simply disregard, and we have to help the ones that are at risk of it.

There are numerous techniques of HIV screening. Two of the widely-used is known as the Western Blot Tests and the ELISA. They are diagnostic processes that medical experts have been making use of for years now, and they unquestionably are exact and accurate when identifying HIV.

In ELISA, a blood sample of the affected person is required to evaluate if there are HIV antibodies existing. It is a very typical procedure around the globe and is suggested by doctors and other employees in the area.

One more method used is known as the Radioimmunoprecipitation Assay, also called RIPA. It makes use of a truly effective equipment to diagnose an individual. It is quite pricey and only certified and expert laboratory technicians may do it. It also needs a little while to obtain the results.

Where Can You Purchase An HIV Test Kit?

In the developing nations, the Rapid Latex Agglutination Assay is very typical since it is less expensive in comparison to the other techniques. It is a blood test that can see whether you are HIV positive or negative without all the state of the art, expensive testing tools and resources.

HIV is an illness that we should give attention to. It has already taken the lives of countless people around the world due to inadequate awareness and information regarding it. We should all work to spread the word on how to avoid and combat it.