Stages of Syphilis infection

The syphilis infection is made up of four stages. A suffering person may not show several symptoms at the very initial phase and will tend to overlook and neglect it in just a few days. He or she will only be reminded concerning the bacteria one more time when the considerably more dangerous signs and symptoms surface.

First Stage

The very first stage of syphilis transpires no less than fourteen days after an individual contracts the disease. It normally persists approximately ninety days. Right now, someone will get skin sores known as chancres. Chancres could develop on any part of the body, but they are extremely more common in the nether areas including the scrotum, anus, penis, vagina, or the mouth. They are not painful and will fade away in around a couple of weeks. This, of course, does not imply that you are cured of syphilis. The bacteria continue to be there and you should do something about them rapidly. If not looked after, the sickness will go to the second stage.

Second Stage

The second stage is known to be the point when syphilis is very contagious. It is when the problem starts to distribute around the body. The signs and symptoms normally include fever, skin rash problems, hair loss, losing weight, swelling of the lymph nodes, severe headaches, appetite loss, and muscle and joint pains. If not attended to, the sickness will start the latent stage.

Latent Stage

The latent stage does not exactly have any sort of recognizable signs and symptoms. If you wish to decide whether you still carry the sickness, you have to undergo a blood test for syphilis. Rapid treatment method needs to be accomplished so that going to the last and deadly stage will be avoided.

Diagnosing Syphilis

Finding yourself at the tertiary stage of syphilis may very well be one of the most horrific things that can occur to you. At this point, someone is certainly going to keep the disease no less than two more years up to more than 20 or so years. The bacteria could become inescapable. It will damage and attack more internal organs and systems in your body. It will harm the nervous tissues, heart, skin, arteries, liver, and bones. Because of these, an individual will have an immense potential for having paralysis, mental difficulties, blindness, heart malfunction, deafness, and dying.