Chlamydia is one of the most notorious STDs in the world today. It is known for the variety of signs and symptoms it can bring about once it infects a person. Because of that, it is important for all men and women to observe the proper precaution when engaging in all kinds of sexual contact.
Symptoms of Chlamydia
If for some unfortunate reason, you contracted Chlamydia, you should watch out for the following symptoms:


If you are a woman, the most common Chlamydia symptoms are low-grade fever, bleeding between periods, abdominal pains, pain when having sex, inflammation around the anal region or inside the vagina, more frequent urination, odd vaginal discharge, yellowish and foul-smelling discharge coming from the cervix, and pain when urinating.


If you are a man, the most typical Chlamydia symptoms are inflamed testicles, inflammation around the anal area, pain when urinating, and odd discharge from the penis.
At this point when the symptoms are clearly visible, one should immediately get tested to receive the proper treatment solution for Chlamydia. However, if one fails to do that right away, complications such as PID (in women), epididymitis (in men), and infertility could kick in.
Testing for Chlamydia should be done in a timely manner.