Syphilis is an extremely hard disease to diagnose. It is usually normally confused with other sexual illnesses. There are a noted 35,000 cases of syphilis every year, 60% being men. Sad to say, syphilis can take the life of its sufferers in case it is left untreated. it can also lead to problems with the heart, brain, and nerves.

Secondary stage of Syphilis

The secondary stage of syphilis is indicated by skin rashes and skin lesions on mucous membranes. These rash breakouts can make their way to the scalp in which they can grow inflammations on the hair follicle receptors. This will have an effect on hair follicles which makes them itch such that you would scratch out the hairs by yourself. The rashes could also be accountable for destructing hair follicles and impact the stability of hair shafts and so result in hair loss. Hair loss connected with syphilis is in the form of patches and adheres to no particular design. The lesions of this secondary infection include bacteria that will infect some others if they brush against the lesions. Secondary syphilis must be treated upon having noticed it from its secondary warning signs if it is not handled the infection will go on and move forward each time such that the result could be a loss of life, for syphilis can kill.


The instance you realize you have got syphilis, you must visit a doctor right away so you can be prescribed certain medications to help you destroy this deadly bacterial disease. Syphilis treatment consists of the utilization of certain antibiotics. When you have treated the disease, there are possible odds that destroyed hair follicles will get better and hair patches will start to display signs of growth of hair. If the hair follicles have been thoroughly spoiled, it may be possible for them to be remedied, so they can go on to create hair and take away hair patches.

Places in England where Syphilis is Prevalent

Common treatment methods for hair loss attributed to syphilis consist of drugs including finasteride and minoxidil. Those two drugs have been authorized by the FDA and have been confirmed to be good at bringing even the most inert hair follicles return to the hair production series. The excellent part of using these drugs is that they are available as topical medications and supplements, and that means you do not go under any specific operations when you are dealing with hair loss problems with these prescriptions. Secondary syphilis triggering hair loss cannot be diagnosed by looking. Therefore to facilitate the doctor to effectively diagnose the root cause of your hair loss, certain scalp flakes need to be gathered and tested for bacterial activity.