Syphilis features four distinct stages, every single one of which has their very own qualities that cause harm to the human body as determined by the magnitude of the health issue, and solutions also differ depending on the stages. The earlier it can be identified the better is the diagnosis. And so let us examine each stage, understand how it influences our system, and learn the feasible treatment solutions during the period.

Primary stage

Primary syphilis is commonly attained by means of direct sexual contact with an individual who has syphilis with an infectious lesion. After an incubation length of about three to four weeks, an individual will observe a skin lesion emerging at the point of contact, which may be the genitalia such as the penis, vagina or rectum. In further scenarios, the lesion can occur inside the body system including in the rectum, vulva, and cervix. A number of lesions could also be observed in an evident portion of the body system just like the lips, mouth, and fingers. This lesion is what we normally call the chancre. The chancre releases transparent fluid comprising of several spirochetes which makes it extremely contagious, and close lymph nodes could be inflamed, hard, and non-tender.

The lesion may well last for at least one month and generally heals immediately. For the reason that chancres are often painless and can come about inside the body, individual battling with primary syphilis is considered to be asymptomatic; signifying no warning signs of the infection may be seen nor experienced by that man or woman. A person may well not recognize that he/she has developed the health problem and so, is not treated. Clearly, the reason why this is such an incredibly risky stage, anyone can get syphilis if you make sexual contact irrespective of an asymptomatic individual bringing the spirochetes inside his human body.

Why Are Syphilis Tests Done?


Treatment for this type of syphilis involves the Parenteral Penicillin medication, an effective antibiotic. Early syphilis may be treated totally with the use of Penicillin Benzathine as only one dose or the Procaine Penicillin, both injected intramuscularly every day for at least ten days. In case you are allergic to Penicillin, antibiotics including Doxycycline or Erythromycin can be as efficient. Needless to say, treatment is not just confined to treating the individual alone, the healthcare professional also needs to do contact tracing and cure for mates to avoid obtaining the illness repeatedly. Last but not the least, the patient has to oblige for follow up check ups to accomplish repetition of blood tests, this is to make sure the triumph of the treatment plan. Seeing that you now are aware of the indicators as well as its treatment solutions, there is not any reason for a person with syphilis not to look for medical assistance.