Hepatitis B which is known as the viral disease and caused by Hepatitis B virus or HBV and the main cause of this disease is that it directly damages the liver. There are many patients who are infected with bacteria and can easily cure. But the problems arise when it left untreated because in this situation it leads towards a more severe condition known as cirrhosis. In the chronic type of Hepatitis B infection, the immune system has the ability to kill off the virus so by this the virus can easily be cleared in a period of 6 months. Many other illnesses can also be caused because of Hepatitis B such as liver failure or liver cancer and other. An adult diagnosed with early Hepatitis B infection has a chance of fully recovering from it but children or infants with Hepatitis B have a higher chance of having liver damage.  There no better treatment for Hepatitis B up till now but to save other people from infection it can be treated and to facilitate the infected person to live an enhanced life.

Know about Hepatitis B

Symptoms that show you have Hepatitis B:

There are a large number of symptoms regarding Hepatitis B and these symptoms generally came out after 4 months of being disclosed and infected with the virus. The common symptoms that show the infection in the body of a person are as follows:

  1. Abdominal pains,
  2. Having dark urine
  3. Having joint pain
  4. Fever
  5. Experiencing nausea and vomiting
  6. Loss of appetite
  7. Jaundice
  8. Weakness and fatigue

What are the causes of Hepatitis B infection?

There are a large number of ways by which a person can contract Hepatitis B virus. Amongst them the general ways by which we get infected are as follows:

  1. Sexual contact: If you got exposed and indentured  to the blood, semen, vaginal fluid or saliva of somebody who is infected with  Hepatitis B
  2. Needle Sharing – Hepatitis B can be caused by using the needle that is used by someone else who is affected with Hepatitis B
  3. Accidentally got pierced by an infected needle or object – The way by which  Hepatitis B can be passed on is by the contact with infected blood, getting perforated or penetrated with a needle that is used by somebody  which is infected with Hepatitis B that can lead towards Hepatitis B infection
  4. Pregnancy – A pregnant woman who is infected with Hepatitis B can pass the infection to her baby. If you wanted to save your baby from having hepatitis B then you should have vaccination but it is not a surety that it will work all the time.
Important Things To Know About Hepatitis B

What are the phases of Hepatitis B Infection?

  • Acute Hepatitis B Infection

If this type of hypothesis is detected before time as well as treated before time. Acute Hepatitis B infection can be cleared within six months because the body’s immune system can help in fighting off the virus. If left untreated though, it can lead to chronic Hepatitis B infection.

  • Chronic Hepatitis B Infection

If you are infected with Hepatitis B infection for about six months or more than that then it is by now categorized as chronic Hepatitis B infection and it can become a disease for life-long. This type of infection can also cause some other severe problems like cirrhosis and liver damage.