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What Complications Can Syphilis Trigger?

Syphilis is a widespread sexually-transmitted disease that is caused by bacteria. It should be diagnosed early on so that the proper treatment can be given to the patient. If not, it may trigger all sorts of symptoms and complications that are terribly harmful to the body.

Here are examples of syphilis complications:

1. Gummas

These are bumps or tumors that can appear on a person’s skin, liver, bones, and other organs. They pop up once a patient is in the late stage of syphilis. They can be treated using antibiotics.

2. Neurological disorders

There are different types of neurological problems that may occur once syphilis enters its late stage. Examples are dementia, visual problems, stroke, deafness, and meningitis.

3. HIV

A person infected with syphilis has a greater chance of contracting HIV. The virus can easily enter a person’s body through an open syphilis sore.

4. Heart problems

Syphilis has the ability to infect and bring damage to heart valves. It can result in the inflammation of the aorta and other blood vessels, and aneurysm.

Watch Out For Syphilis