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What Complications Can Chlamydia Cause?

Chlamydia can lead to some serious and severe complications if not detected and treated right away. Here are the most common long-term problems that Chlamydia can cause:


1. Salpingitis

This results in the inflammation of the fallopian tubes, making it very hard for an egg cell to go from the ovary to the uterus. So, those that have this infection and want to become pregnant will have a difficult time.

2. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Also known as PID, this complication is the infection of the different organs of the female reproductive system. It can lead to serious problems such as ectopic pregnancy, infertility, and persistent pelvic pains.

3. Cervicitis

This disease is the inflammation of the cervix and may trigger pain during sexual intercourse, chronic lower abdominal pains, and odd vaginal discharge.


1. Reactive Arthritis

This is the inflammation of the joints and sometimes occurs alongside urethritis and conjunctivitis.

2. Urethritis
This is the swelling of the urethra or the urine tube. Its symptoms are soreness around the penis tip, whitish penis discharge, and burning pain when peeing.

3. Epididymitis

This is the inflammation of the epididymis, a male reproductive system component that functions as the sperm carriers from the testicles.

What Are Our Options To Test For Chlamydia?